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Extension point repository


Extension points to register VCS repositories. See for documentation.

Contribution Descriptors

Existing Contributions

Contributions are presented in the same order as the registration order on this extension point. This order is displayed before the contribution name, in brackets.

  • nuxeo-runtime-6.0.jar
    <extension point="repository" target="">
        <repository factory="" name="default">
          <pool blockingTimeoutMillis="100" idleTimeoutMinutes="10" maxPoolSize="20" minPoolSize="0"/>
          <clustering delay="1000" enabled="false"/>
          <binaryStore path=""/>
          <aclOptimizations enabled="true"/>
          <pathOptimizations enabled="true"/>
            <!-- for H2 (Lucene Analyzer): -->
            <fulltext analyzer="org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer" disabled="false">
              <index name="default">
                <!-- all props implied -->
              <index name="title">
              <index name="description">
          <usersSeparator key=","/>