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Extension point disabledPropertyRefs


Since 5.6, makes it possible to define what properties should not be referenced using EL expressions.

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  • nuxeo-platform-forms-layout-client-5.8.jar
    <extension point="disabledPropertyRefs" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.WebLayoutManager">
          Configuration of properties disabled by default for reference
          in EL expressions.
        <disabledPropertyRef name="converter" widgetTypeCategory="jsf"/>
        <disabledPropertyRef name="validator" widgetTypeCategory="jsf"/>
        <!-- avoid bad interactions with JBoss-el size EL resolver... -->
        <disabledPropertyRef name="size" widgetTypeCategory="jsf"/>
        <!-- rich:calendar does not resolve some attributes as EL expressions -->
        <disabledPropertyRef name="showApplyButton" widgetType="datetime" widgetTypeCategory="jsf"/>
        <disabledPropertyRef name="defaultTime" widgetType="datetime" widgetTypeCategory="jsf"/>